"Growing up I was always a jock, always kept up with the boys in my neighborhood, never worrying about my weight throughout hs and college. Even after the birth of my first child, I was able to bounce back and continue my exercise routine. The struggle began in 2004 after struggling to conceive my second child, I started to turn to food to handle my disappointment and depression. This only intensified after struggling through two miscarriages. Then a miracle happened, a double miracle actually. After years of infertility and surgeries to correct endometriosis, I finally had my second...
"Like many, I guess, I blamed it on the baby. But the baby grew and so did I. As a family, we ate the American Standard Diet…full of fats and processed foods. I thought it was pretty normal to get bigger as you got older. I was a music teacher in a private school, but then developed a seizure disorder. No more school and my world became very small. I didn’t leave the house for about 6 months, and you can imagine what lack of any activity can do to an already out of shape woman. Eventually the seizures became manageable and I started teaching music lessons from home. December...
"I grew up an active person....I played soccer, ran track, and danced through high school and college. At the age of 24, I got married, completed my masters, bought a house, had my son, and started my career. I gained 50 lbs during that pregnancy which I lost most of fairly quickly. However, before I got myself back to pre-pregnancy weight I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Life demands and that pregnancy left me exhausted and my weight soared. Pretty soon I found myself weighing the most I ever had in my life! After her birth I tried fad diets but nothing worked. Short stints...
What a difference a year makes!!! This pic poped up in my time hop for 1 year ago and it blew me away! I was also hiding half my body in this pic behind my friend, which I did often. I never realized how much I let myself go while I was so busy engulfing in motherhood. I always put others before myself but it came to a point where my health was affected in a big way! I had high blood pressure, almost put on meds, metformin for borderline diabetes and high cholesterol meds as well. I couldn't keep up with my kids and was depressed, sluggish and tired all the time which is completely out of...
"Effie Mccarthy was one of our winners in the Original Fitness Edge Body Transformation Challenge back in March 2015. She has gone on to continue her transformation and has lost nearly 50 pounds by applying the principles of consistent exercise and good nutrition. Effie thanked trainer, Amanda Petroccione for her support, encouragement and belief in her, it was instrumental in her success. Congratulations Effie and keep up the AWESOME work!"
"17 months difference... That's it. 200lbs. to 140, now sitting around 148lbs. Went from larger then size 12-14 to Size 2-5 pants/shorts depending on what they are.The most annoying thing someone says it "well you're just built like that so it comes easy." "You don't have all that extra loose skin." "You have only had one kid." "You HAD to have worked out while you were pregnant." (Which I did not, and i stuff my face with pizza, chipotle, and 7/11 garbage the whole pregnancy) The list goes on... When are these excuses going to stop?...
I thought having #bariatricsurgery was going to be the "quick fix" I needed to fix my weight problem. I thought the surgery would finally motivate me to "get back into it". A few months after surgery I hadn't lost very much weight and had the shocking realization that I was STILL eating the same crap that got me to 350 pounds...just less of it. The food isn't the problem...it's only a symptom of the problem. I was the problem. I needed to change my relationship with food and more importantly...myself.Anyone can have Bariatric surgery...and many do...but only...
In July of 2014, Michael got some news that he didn’t want to hear, but knew he couldn’t ignore. He was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and his doctor told him that he needed to make a serious commitment to change. Others might have allowed themselves to get swallowed up in the overwhelming news, but not Mike. He left the doctor’s office that day determined to regain his health and fitness.

Once Mike had his nutrition under control, he knew it was time to get physically fit, but recognized that he needed something different from a traditional gym routine to keep him...
Salute to Danielle Farrell pictured here for her dedication to her health, fitness and well-being. The spectacular visible results of her hard work are the bonus on top of all the benefits that come from her healthy lifestyle!Check out Danielle's spinning classes at World Gym on East Ave for an extra dose of motivation.Congratulations Danielle...you are a great example of the Life's Tough. Get Fit mantra!
It's Transformation Tuesday at Fitness Edge!Sponsored by La Salon Bianca, Massage Envy Spa - Pittsford and Rochester Fitness & Cycling and we welcome new sponsor, Lattimore Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Network, which is where our success story comes to us from this week. When Victoria Wagar was asked to get off the roller coaster at Darien Lake because she was too big for the safety bar to fit..it was a life changing moment. Go to our Fitness Edge Media page to read Victoria's incredible story now!




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