As a teenager I struggled with body image, like most girls do. I was never skinny, my normal range was between a size 10 and 12, but I was active and healthy. I began turning to food for comfort in 1999, after a car accident that killed my best friend and landed me in ICU. This June 16th will be 17 years since my accident at 17 years old; half a lifetime ago.

Yes, this was a critical moment in my life and for years I let it define who I was; but I can’t say it is the reason my weight spiraled out of control, it’s just when it started. Over the past 17 years I have watched my...
Sorry to disappoint anyone looking for a magic formula or some groundbraking 'new' weight loss program here.

When I asked Michael Umansky how he made such a stark transformation in a relatively short time, here's what he gave me.

"1. Only eat when hungry. High protein, low carb low sugar

2. Lots of water

3. 7 days a week exercise. No excuses. 80% weights 20% cardio

4. 8 hours of sleep a night !!!!

It's actually easy. Down 37 pounds in 14 weeks. About 30 to go till my high school baseball playing weight." 

Some people have metabolic...
My transformation story… its not an easy story for me to tell. I'm still learning and building, but here goes.

When I was a teenager I was pretty typical. I ate when I was hungry… Good or bad food didn't mean much to me. I wasn't fat by any means, but I wasn't thin either. I played sports and loved being outside. I was average. My family moved a lot and while doing so I had to constantly rediscover who I was in life and where I belonged. My first year of high school we moved (again). Attempting to get involved (again) with new people I attended a youth event....
Chanel Houliares was in a place that maybe some people can relate to. A newly single parent, overweight and robbed of her self-esteem...where would she begin to pick up the pieces?

Planet Fitness, of course!  

Here's Chanel, in her own words,

"My weight loss journey began 2 1/2 years ago. I was just getting out of a terrible marriage where I had lost all self esteem and confidence. I was now a single mom, trying to balance a full time job and taking care of my daughter. I needed to do something for me, so I found myself interested in joining a gym. I decided to become a...
My story begins many year ago. In 6-7 grade we used to lift weights in a garage using those plastic weights filled with water. We really had no idea what we where doing but we thought we where animals. I remember a guy coming to a boyscout meeting doing a guest pose and thinking "wow" I wanna be like him. When I went to high school I wanted to play soccer but was cut from my 7th grade team. I was devastated but I decided to give wrestling a try. It allowed me to weight train and condition in many different ways. My senior year I wrestled at the 215 weight class. I always weighed...
Rich Buck recently finished the 2016 Healthy Edge Body Transformation Challenge, training with Paige Smith and her Boot Camp crew at Pinnacle Athletic Campus.

Rich posted some impressive numbers in the 8 week challenge, losing 29.1 pounds, over 8% of his body fat and dropping an impressive 5 inches from his waist line.

Finding a system with the Challenge and a community of like-minded people to hold himself accountable, along with getting into a consistent habit of exercising first thing in the morning at Pinnacle's 5:30AM Boot Camp class was the foundation for Rich's success...
Sometimes you have to just keep getting back up.  As Rocky famously said, "it's all about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward."

Dominic Scalzo had experienced the pinnacle of success.  He had experienced the depths of despair.  His commitment to exercise and proper nutrition has him back on the road to success.  Here's Dominic to tell you his transformation story.

"Throughout my life I have always been considered a pretty fit and healthy person.

In 2009, after winning a National Championship in Collegiate Lacrosse, I fell...
Brian Wagner just completed the Healthy Edge Body Transformation Challenge on March 14th.

Over the 8 weeks of the Healthy Edge program, Brian followed a healthy diet plan and worked out with Paige Smith at Pinnacle Athletic Campus. When the final numbers were tallied, Brian had lost over 36 pounds, over 13% of the bodyfat he was carrying and reduced his waistline by almost 6 inches!

More importantly, was what Brian gained.

His wife, Robbie, "I wanted to email you and just say that the Healthy Edge Transformation program has transformed my husband, Brian Wagner. His weight loss...
Michelle Stewart is proof positive that grit, determination and willingness to work hard and smart are the ingredients for a stunning transformation.

Michelle just completed our Healthy Edge Transformation Challenge this past week and her photos speak for themselves. Proper nutrition, consistent effort in the gym and a positive attitude are the cornerstone of the Healthy Edge program (which starts again in April...stay tuned) and the foundation of Michelle's success.

Here's Michelle, in her own words, "I have seen a LOT of progress/change over the past 8 weeks, so thank you...
After getting a tip from Jenn Craig, that her trainer, Josh had a client that I should feature on Transformation Tuesday, I asked Joshua Bankes (Fitness Edge Trainer listed on our website…check him out) to tell me about his client. Here’s what Josh said, “Her name is Holly Doerich, she's a 40 year old wife and mom to a daughter. She started personal training with me about 10 months ago & began following my meal plans about 8 months ago for her transformation. Holly was 5’3” and weighed 175 pounds. Her goals included burning body fat, while developing...




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