"My name is Vicki Barone, and I've been a certified personsal trainer for about 10 years now. Unfortunately, through my pregnancies, I gained a lot of weight due to poor diet, lack of exercise and depression because I was in an unhealthy marriage. Once I had my second child, and healed from my second c section, I dialed in, got my eating bsck on track and started running and getting back to the gum with the help from my mom. My highest weight was 218 with both of my kids, and I am now 140, which is 10lbs less than pre baby, and tons more muscle! I recertified through NASM, and started working, and really getting back into lifting! I enjoy lifting heavy. And through the guidance of my own knowledge and experience, and help along the way from friends and lifting partners, I got to be where I am today! I have a major passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. So it almost came natural. It took me a solid year and a half to get back to pre baby weight but I did it! Now I am a full time fit mom and personal trainer. Working under my own name. VV Fitness! I love my job, and love my life and I hope to push myself and others to strive to be what they never thought they could."



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