Sue Simpson is not unlike many women her age. A mom and a wife. She raised her kids, went to work and put others first for a long time. It’s funny how life can fly by when you’re busy with such things.

Those kids grew up and moved away. The demands on her time weren’t as great anymore. Sue had a friend in the neighborhood that she walked three miles with on most days the weather cooperated. It was time to unwind from work, time to think and time to talk. It was her exercise too.

One day, in early 2016, Sue got wonderful news. Her daughter was getting married in Florida later that year! Along with all the preparations that Sue undertook as mother of the bride, she thought to herself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could lose some weight for this wedding?” Sue wasn’t obese by any stretch.

Sue weighed about 160 pounds. Over the years, Sue had tried the diets, the protein shakes, even Weight Watchers. Despite the attempts and her 3 mile walks, she just kind of ‘hovered’ at that weight. Sue had heard about Dr. Nate Riddle’s NutriMost Weight Loss & Wellness program and she made an appointment to go get more information.

Initially, Sue had ‘sticker shock’ at the price. In retrospect, the price was not the issue, but compared to the expectations that other programs set with promises of ‘cheap results’ it stretched her mind more so than her budget. I think there’s a feeling, that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It took a little leap of faith to believe that the NutriMost program was her solution, but Dr. Nate mentioned that she could use her Flexible Spending Account dollars, which saved her a few dollars and that was the last nudge Sue needed…she signed up. That said, Sue looked at the NutriMost program as an investment into herself and her goal to walk down the aisle looking fantastic. As such, Sue says she committed to everything that Dr. Nate and his team asked of her.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT? IT WORKED; JUST LIKE DR. NATE SAID IT WOULD. Sue’s weight dropped from the 160’s to 129. She looked fantastic, just like she set out to do…her kids said she looked amazing, family and friends raved about her accomplishment AND her husband said she stopped snoring! Perhaps the best benefit is that Sue ‘feels’ like a whole new person. Instead of collapsing into a chair after work, Sue has energy for projects around the house. Sue took over lawn mowing duties from her husband, because she wanted to.…and those 3 mile walks with her friend? They used to leave her exhausted…NOW, they are a pleasure and Sue looks forward to them.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. While on the program, Sue turned down offers from co-workers to attend Happy Hour after work. Sue would forego Friday fish fries. Sue passed on the dessert at family outings. It does take some self-discipline and willpower to make Dr. Nate’s NutriMost program work. But having gone through it and learning what foods and strategies work best for her; Sue has been able to maintain her weight loss with no additional effort. No hours at the gym. No unsustainable, calorie restrictive meal plans. Just sensible eating and staying active, now that her metabolism has been fixed with the NutriMost Weight Loss & Wellness program.

Sue credits Dr. Nate’s team for their guidance and motivation through the program and she still stops in weekly, just to check in and hear the girls in the office cheer when she steps on the scale. Sue also is thankful for the support she has had from her husband, who has made some positive changes in his lifestyle as a byproduct, and her son and daughter along the way. Sue is proof that the NutriMost Weight Loss and Wellness program works and when asked…she highly recommends it to anyone struggling to lose weight as she once did.

Of course, you only have to look at her to see that it works.



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