"I lived with depression throughout middle and high school. It made me physically and mentally weak, where getting out of bed was the hardest task of the day. It controlled me and my body, and influenced my decisions in life. But then one day, I got into a serious car accident. At 18 years of age, my mother had to help me bathe, and it made me feel so...useless. I looked at myself in the mirror with such hate and disgust. But a very faint voice inside my head slipped through and told me that I can change what I see and how I feel. It told me to go to the gym. It look a long time til I could control my depression and look in the mirror and love myself for who I am. For people with depression, we need something to wake up for everyday. And that's what the gym does for me. No one else can change your life, it's up to you. Now I am a personal trainer trying to show others how Fitness improve their lives so drastically."



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