This story originally appeared on February 1 in the Monroe County CrossFit Closed Facebook Group page:

MCCF is happy to bring you our February Member of the Month: Jeff Burnett!

A couple of years ago Jeff was close to 300 pounds. He says he was ‘comfortable’ with the weight but not exactly ‘happy’ with the weight. “I was always fascinated with running but hesitant to try it because I was embarrassed of my weight. In January 2015, I set a goal to run one mile without stopping regardless of the time. As I was working towards reaching my goal I noticed my clothes were fitting looser, so I kept running!” In September 2016, a friend of Jeff’s told him about CrossFit and they decided to join together. He says, “I’m really happy we did! The CrossFit program has been a perfect complement to my half and full marathon training. I have noticed a big improvement in my running performance after joining MCCF, and am proud to say that as of January 2017I am under 200 pounds and I completed my first half marathon!”

Jeff says, “Prior to starting MCCF, I believed I was not strong enough or limber enough to execute complex movements and lifts. I overcame those fears by focusing on the fundamentals and listening to the coaches.” Jeff was unfamiliar with CrossFit before starting, and says, “My advice to other new members would be to listen to the coaches, ask questions, and have fun! The best part about CrossFit is the daily WODs because they are always different. Also, this fitness program is unique from others because it’s progressive.”

Jeff plans to stay with MCCF because the open gym format is most convenient for him and his busy schedule. He has set a new goal for 2017, which is to “do at least 1 muscle up on the rings!” We are sure he can do it – He’s already proven how dedicated he is to reaching his goals! Outside of CrossFit, Jeff enjoys doing home improvement projects and spending time with family. He says, “My daughter is my inspiration to staying fit and healthy. She means the world to me!”

Jeff, we are so happy that you joined our MCCF family, and congratulations on your many accomplishments!



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