As you can see by my earlier photo's my lifestyle was leading me down a road of self destruction.

Uncontrollable eating and drinking caused me to have a stroke.

Most would think that someone would change their ways after going through that. But no not me, I was content with continuing that lifestyle with the help of medications keeping me in a somewhat safe zone. The struggles were real trying to put socks on or shoes with laces and deciding that my flip flops matched everything or going out to dinner with friends and the embarrassment of not being able to get my second arm in my jacket and quickly making a fat joke so no one else was uncomfortable.

Prior to my wife and I getting married we wanted to try to lose some weight before the honeymoon. So not understanding proper eating and exercising I walked on the treadmill daily and ate vegetables. It definitely worked but wasn't a realistic lifestyle. So when the honeymoon was over and we got settled, all the weight I had lost came back and then some causing me to tip the scales at 251lbs.

Then one day my wife said she wanted to go to a trainer that a coworker was going to, so we made it happen. After a couple months of me seeing her progress it made me think about the choices I was making. I looked horrible and felt horrible. Struggling with high blood pressure,high cholesterol and gout. I was in constant pain.

Then I had a conversation of confirmation with my 13 year old son, Tyler, telling him i was thinking about getting into the gym. The way his face lit up really caught me off guard. He said, "it would be so cool to point my dad out to my teammates as the jacked guy on the sideline." After a few seconds I asked him how do you point me out now? He couldn't look me in the eye as he said. "the short fat guy."

This was life changing for me.

I had just realized how selfish I was being, my lack of concern for my own health was impacting people around me that I loved more than anything. So a couple days later I'm sitting down with my wife's trainer Vicki asking is there any hope for me?

That's when this amazing journey began. Starting out at 251lbs with 36% body fat. Vicki asked me what was my biggest struggle going to be training or eating healthy? I told her not getting injured due to me never doing this before and being 50 years old. So nine months later I was weighing in at 175lbs, off of all medications and feeling amazing.

Now almost two years later with minimal muscle strains here and there I'm weighing in at 200lbs with a 10.2% body fat. I am so passionate about this lifestyle to the point that I'm going to compete in a Bodybuilding competition this April. The support from my wife Joanne and my trainer/best friend Vicki has been amazing. My plan after the competition is to become certified to train and work with people that are having the same struggles that I went through and to be an inspiration for anyone who hears my story and wants the same for their life!



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