My fitness journey started in high school. I battled with anorexia and bulimia since I was 12. I got down to 87 pounds and was hospitalized at my worst. In order to get better I started going to the gym to work out instead of restricting my food and it really helped me with my battle. I continued to work out at a gym, mostly cardio in my early twenties. I worked at the Rochester Athletic Club as a fitness instructor and got to help other people with their goals.

At 27 I got pregnant with my daughter Avery, she is 3 now and such a beautiful little girl. But during my pregnancy I gained 60 pounds and I was absolutely disgusted with myself even though the weight gain was a normal thing to happen. As soon as I was able to work out again I started running on a treadmill to lose the weight. Within the first 3 months of having Avery I had already lost 30 pounds. I joined LA fitness because their child care allowed me to bring Avery. I then got a part time job working there also to get out of the house. That is when I got seriously interested in body building and lifting. I hired a body building coach and got on a diet and lifting plan and within months I was lean and feeling awesome about myself.

But, like Caleb Hoag (Amber’s partner in the soon to be launched, Savage Meal Prep, ) I was not a fan of the 6-8 meals a day. I seriously ate chicken and broccoli 4 times a day, 10 am, 12, 2 pm and 4pm. It was no way to live and my bosses thought I was crazy with all these meals. I started following the IIFYM way of life and continued to see results even though I was eating what I wanted. This is why our meal plans will be different than any meal plans out there.



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