Pokemon Go has kids (of ALL ages) running around your neighborhoods looking for and trying to capture Pokemon characters with a new app that is sweeping the nation.

Detractors cite safety concerns, and some of them are legit, as we have seen car accidents, pedestrians darting out into traffic and walking off cliffs, all in the name of a game.  People also worry about predators using the game to lure victims to crimes of kidnapping, assault and identity theft.  Undoubtedly, some caution must be utilized here.  Also of concern...data usage for those who have limited plans!

Opportunists are leveraging the technology of this new craze to place 'Poke Stops' at their businesses or realtors at open houses to attract potential customers.

BUT, parents should be happy for the fact that their children are off the couch and out moving around again!

Many parents have long been insearch of ways to get their kids active and we discussed this with the young Health Entrepreneurs of WellVentions on Healthy Edge Radio this week, listen on the audio player below and thank you to our sponsor, Rochester Fitness + Cycling for making this segment possible each week.



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