Healthy living isn't about depriving yourself of everything you love to eat in the eternal quest for the perfect body.

Not at Healthy Edge at least.

We are all about finding what works for each individual in the 'healthier' quest for balance between enjoying everything that life has to offer with paying attention to your health & fitness enough to help you avoid the ailments that can be avoided by managing your diet and exercise habits.  "Eat to live, don't live to eat" comes to mind here.

That said, we all have our personal 'decadent' foods we like to enjoy.

This week, our Healthy Edge 'Tip of the Week' is to find healthier versions of your favorite decadent treat, so you can enjoy it more frequently.  

Like Heather Saffer, creator of Dollop Gourmet Frosting did when she created her signature 'healthier' frosting that won her a partnership with business mogul, Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank!  

Dollop frosting uses HALF the sugar that other frostings use along with organic ingredients that are healthier alternatives to what had been the status quo in the frosting world.  The result?  This organic, vegan-friendly and gluten-free frosting has only 160 calories per two tablespoon serving!

We have also shared 'healthier' recipes for Shamrock Shakes (by our Healthy Parent columnist, Jennifer Muscato - find it HERE)

...and a healthy Black Bean Brownie recipe that you can't tell isn't a moist, chocolatey, dark, delicious brownie HERE.



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