John Hutchings of Healthy Edge Media and Joshua Bankes of JMB Fitness demonstrated some alternative exercises to get your abs in shape for the summer Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise. Bankes, the owner and head coach at JMB Fitness, demonstrated how to use the battle ropes. He showed a trio of ropes exercises - alternating waves, shake the bed sheet, and the grappler's throw. Using specially made medicine balls, Bankes displayed the Russian twist, engaging his main abdominal muscles as well as the oblique muscles, and then the medicine ball slams. Finally, Bankes demonstrated a windmill using kettle bells. Hutchings noted this exercise also engages the core, while keeping everything balanced and lengthening the body as well. The combination of exercises can strengthen the abs, strengthen and sculpt other muscle groups and provide a cardiovascular workout as well. For the video of the Channel 8 News at Sunrise segment, click on the photo below:

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