The 2017 Healthy Edge –World Gym Rochester/Greece Body Transformation Challenge

Lose Body Fat and Win Cash!

Get in shape this January and take home one of the top prizes of up to $1000 cash for winning female and male!

Join a team for extra motivation and to have a chance at a team prize!

This 8 week contest is designed to give you the tools to help you get in shape this January!

You'll receive emails with all the information you need to:

  • Train Right with/
    • Cardio Interval programs
    • Weight training
    • with BONUS - daily 7 minute metabolism boosters you can do at home or the gym!
  • Eat right with/
    • Meal plans designed to burn fat
    • Shopping lists
  • Stay motivated with/
    • Practical tips on how to fit this into a busy lifestyle
    • Strategies for improvement within short, mid and long-range game plans
    • Stories of others who have overcome obstacles to succeed
    • Closed Facebook Group for contestants to communicate with others who are transforming
    • WIN Cash prize of up to $1000* for top female and male transformation based on weight loss, body fat reduction, waist measurement reduction (all by percentage, not total loss) and overall improvement shown in 'before/after' photos
    • Team prize of $500 gift certificate from World Gym Rochester/ World Gym Greece to go to top team transformation (minimum of 5 to form a team, winner determined by percentage of weight, body fat and waist measurement reduction...there is no photo component of this scoring system)

Compete as individual, team member OR BOTH, just $99 includes use of World Gym, either location...and ADD 8 weeks of Monroe County CrossFit or Crossroad Vigor for just $69!

Call World Gym Rochester on East Ave - 271-0990 or World Gym Greece in Greece Ridge Mall – 271-0440

The trainers/gyms above will offer a special 8 week ‘membership’ option with at least one group training session (or exercise class) to help provide equipment and locations for those who don’t have membership elsewhere.

You CAN do this challenge at your current gym, facility or home for just $59.

Registration: (note: you can participate as an individual and a team member at the same time) Register below TODAY:

With 8 week member privileges at World Gym (through March 20, 2017):

Challenge Without World Gym member privileges:




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